Who's Who in the MacGreevy archive

Who's Who in the MacGreevy Archive is a searchable database of regularised names that commonly appear in the MacGreevy Archive.

Searching the database

Entries in the database may be retrieved in two ways: by using the search dialog box, or by browsing names by the first letter of the surname.

To search names using the dialog box, enter the last name, or the first name followed by last name in the dialog box and click on the search button. Do not enter any special or accented characters. Results will be displayed below the search box.

If your search does not yield any records, try searching again using an alternate spelling, or by searching using the last name only.

Below the name are listed the individuals' birth and death dates (if known) as well as their nationality and profession(s). The Note button displays additional biographical information on selected individuals.

Name Records

Each record shows the regularised form of the name in green, and may also list Given, Common, and Variant forms of the name.

The Regular name is the regularised or authoritative name for the individual.

The Given name is the birth name of an individual that has been superceded by the Regular name, especially for Popes, Kings, Queens, etc.

The Common name is the name an individual was commonly known by if that name is different than their given name. For example, Lorenzo de Medici was commonly known as Lorenzo il Magnifico.

The Variant name is an alternate spelling of a name, or contains special characters not included in the Regular name.