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Letter from Thomas MacGreevy to George Yeats. 26 September 1926.

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at 15 Cheyne Gardens,
London, S.W. 3.
26th Sept., 1926

Dearest George,

How good of you to write so soon. I had been infinitely depressed about several things and am so glad to know I needn't have been about one of them.In his last letter, dated 22 September, MacGreevy had speculated that Lennox Robinson was in London and did not visit. Yeats wrote on 24 September telling him that Robinson was instead in Cork.note

My love to you. I'm looking forward to next week.Yeats visited London in early October 1926.note


Dolly will be financially upset a bit by the change, and she has been very puzzled.MacGreevy is referring to the fact that Robinson, fearing the gossip in Dublin, did not ask Dolly Travers-Smith to stay with him when she will be in Dublin for an exhibition of her work next week. Instead she was invited to stay at 82 Merrion Square with the Yeatses (see Yeats's letter of 28 September 1926).note But she takes a certain amount of inexplicability for granted and without resentment. She came home last night Thank God. She has been the 10 days since Hester came back at Tours painting with Belinda. But she goes off again (to Dublin) on Saturday.