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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 10 August 1923.

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August 10 1923

Dear Mr. McGreevy

I havent heard from you since you were angry with God & decided your 5000 words wouldnt do. I have been expecting the chapterGeorge Yeats was encouraging MacGreevy to write his autobiography note & am rather disgusted it hasnt come.

Send it by return.

If you dont send it by return, I shall be in Dublin a couple of days about August 23 or 4 & you can leave it in.

Magnificent sun today & I am very busy making design for W's new bookcases & cupboards in study & [unclear] certain bedspread to be embroidered at Cuala & I hope sold!With the debilitating illness of WB Yeats's sister Susan Mary ('Lily') Yeats George Yeats had taken charge of the embroidery section of Cuala Industries which for financial reasons was moving in to 82 Merrion Squarenote

Yours sincerely

George Yeats