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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 17 September [1923].


82 Merrion Sq.
Sept. 17

Dear Mr. McGreevy:

I am requested by the "Vice-President" DDLAlthough Lennox Robinson, the founder of the Dublin Drama League, was officially only Vice-President, with WB Yeats as President in name only, he and George Yeats actually ran the organization, which existed sporadically from 1919 to 1942note to ask you to translate "Les Ratés"Les Ratés by Henri-René Lenormand (1882-1951) does not appear on the list of productions but MacGreevy's translation of his Time is a Dream was produced by the Dublin Drama League in December 1923note at your earliest convenience!! ________________________________

In the meantime suppose you send along the 60,000 odd words of your reminiscences?


George Yeats