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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. [December 1923].


Cuala Industries
82 Merrion Square
Telephone 3298
{Miss Lily Yeats
{Mrs. W.B. Yeats

Dear Mr McGreevy.

I found a wire from Willy saying I must come over this morning — It is now 1.30 am. — So I just cursed & wrote 19 out of 30 letters & got my books totted up - And tomorrow evening I shall be "totting it down the Tottenham Court Road"The Yeatses were on their way from London to Stockholm 6 Dec for the bestowing of the Nobel Prizenote

I wish I could think of an alternative to "Mister McGreevy" but I cant, & "Tom" has the unpleasantest associations in my remote youth

Phibbs Geoffrey Phibbs, who at this time worked with MacGreevy at the Carnegie Library, was later better known as the poet Geoffrey Taylor note poems are in the Hall. Likewise Lenormand. MacGreevy translated HR Lenormand's Le temps est un songe as Time is a Dream for the Dublin Drama League. It was performed at the Abbey Theatre on 9-10 December.note


Georgie Yeats—

Lord! What an inconsequent letter!