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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 15 and 16 May 1924

[p.1 recto]

Ipsden House. Ipsden. Oxon
May 15 — Friday — 1924 —

Dear Tom

You dont deserve a letter & probably dont want 'em) Imagine not sending even one postcard to themIpsden House was H.V.Reade's country home where after a few days in London George Yeats spent time recovering from a bad coldnote as arent foreign travelling!MacGreevy was in Spain, his ticket paid for by Lennox Robinsonnote — And the PoundsGeorge Yeats's close friend Dorothy Shakespear Pound and her husband Ezra were planning to move permanently to Italynote are in Assisi and Beatrice in Palestine and Harold in Florence — & JonahProbably D H Lawrence, who in 1924 was given the Kiowa Ranch in Taos by the New York socialite Mabel Dodge Luhannote in Yucatan! – – – – –

You must be having lovely weather as even here it is sunny & warm.

Have read "The Black Soul" by Liam O'FlahertieLiam O'Flaherty was involved with the Stewarts in the short-lived To-Morrow, a magazine encouraged by WB Yeats; his second novel The Black Soul, based on his birthplace in Aran, was published in 1924 by Jonathan Capenote It doesnt much excite me — perhaps I am not interested in the setting, having my mind filled with a different form at the moment — but I do feel it is good & real achievement.

I did nothing in London but see people & buy clothes and go to Theatres and a frivolous flippant visit to the Academy mostly enlivened by a badly behaved companion & an immense feather in my hat which tickled the nose of every fat dowager!! – – –


2 postcards just forwarded — Thanks & apologies. Terrific sun [p.1 verso] today. Another day or 2 of it will quite bake my cough away.

Glad you are finding it all "jammy".

No, one cant write letters sitting under a lime tree full of bees — it reminds me of "die schöne tage von Aranjuez sin' nun zu ende" only it was Rome & the Borghese gardens'the beautiful days from Aranjuez that now have ended' (Schiller);George Yeats had several happy holidays in Italy before her marriagenote

Yours sincerely

Georgie Yeats

Tom MacGreevy Esq
c/o Thomas Cook & Sons
Calle del Fontanella