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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 16 August 1924.

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Gort.Co Galway.
Saturday August 16

Dear Tom.

Like a fool I forgot to send Willy particulars of make and size for the new sections of the fileGeorge Yeats was organizing WB Yeats's papers.note. Would you be an angel and when you have time go round to 82 with a tape measure and a box of matches (to see the name and number on the very small brass plate on the file) and send W. the exact width, height and depth of one section. There are four sections put together on the landing outside our bedrooms, and what we want is four new middle sections. What we have at present is a double bottom and top, and we want two double middle sections. You will see they slide into each other. I think all sections are the same size but are made differently in order to fit together. I am so sorry to bother you, but if he doesnt get it when in London it may be a long time before either of us is there again, and one cant get this particular make in Dublin. It comes from Partridge and Cooper in Fleet St.

All well here. In a hurry as Owen is going into Gort.Owen was the handyman at Ballylee doing some painting — possibly Owen Linnane, who became Edward Martyn's manservant.note


George Yeats

T. McGreevy Esq
Carnegie Repository
16 Hartcourt Street
W. 37.3 cm 14 11/16 inches
H. 36.6 cm 14 11/16
D. 68.5 cm 27