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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 25 March 1925.

[p.1 recto]

Dublin Drama League
82 Merrion Sqare
March 25 1925


I am directed to send you the enclosed 'with the thanks of the committee'........etc.Probably his fee for translating Lenormandnote

Just off to London till Monday. If you are free some evening before that you might drop in on W. who will be all alone, except Friday when he probably goes to GogartyThe poet Gogarty, WB Yeats's good friend, regularly held an 'At Home' on Fridaynote.

In haste

George Yeats .

Could you post this to Geoffrey Phibbs Esq, Carnegie Book Repository, Wicklow The two volumes are awkward to carry & I have finished this one.Original address crossed out with note in MacG's hand.note
T McGreevy Esq
20 Lincoln Chambers
Lincoln Place