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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 27 October 1925.

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No 2. letter 82, MERRION SQUARE, S.
October 27 1924 later.

Dear Tom.

I had just written to you and posted the letter saying how glad I was Tuesday was allright, when on the afternoon post a letter comes from a rather old friendEva Ducat was an old family friend of George Yeats and Olivia Shakespear; at one time she served as WB Yeats's musical agent.note saying she will be in London for Tuesday and Wed, and will I dine Tues. night. I hate to change you, but could you change to either Sunday or Monday at 7pm? Preferably the former, as I am coming over Sat. Night instead of Sunday, and shant like possibly having an empty and lonely Sunday eve,. So if Sunday doesnt suit, would you let me have a pc soon. If neither day suits, I could change Eva from Friday, but dont want to do so unless unavoidable as she has a dogs life with an old aunt of 95 or 96 and I dont like upsetting her arrangements. She has to look after the aunt, they have no servant, and so she has to make arrangements long beforehand to settle "Aunt" while she is out. Its an awful shame as old General Ducat is rich and could give her a decent income if he chose. He doesnt approve of her not living at home!!

I dread this rotten sale rather, but shall be glad to get away and freshen up a bit. Life has been rather odious lately. How's the world?


George Yeats

T McGreevy Esq
at 15 Cheyne Gardens