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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 29 October 1925.

[p.1 recto]


My dear Tom.

Glad Sunday suits you. We will meet at Gennaro's at 7 — I dont mind anyone knowing I am in London - I shant have time to see anyone - - - & I do not want to see Hester! I took a violent dislike to her when she was over here last time! Was it reciprocal? Idiotic of me to put Sno Buttons letter into your envelope. The more so as I am hopelessly involved by it as his name is Tom too! So he probably thinks your letter was meant[p.1 verso] for him — if I put it in his envelope which is likely as I wrote to both at the same time. The worst of it is that I had previously said I hadnt an evening left, & in the letter that should have gone to you I said if you were free Sunday as well as Tues. to meet me. I've written to explain. But its a nuisance.

I cant get a bed at the 3 arts Club so shall have to stay at a hotel. Until Tues. I will be at the Knightsbridge Hotel — Possibly move somewhere in city after that but probably not.


Snobuttons name is really Rowe-DuttonPossibly Ernest (later Sir) Rowe-Dutton (1891-1965), civil servant and later Under-Secretary to the Treasurynote. Its an idiotic joke but a very old one!

T McGreevy Esq
at 15 Cheyne Gardens