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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 9 March 1926.

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Tuesday March 9

Dear Thomas-Grumble-Grumble.

Do your worst but for God's sake type it! I hate cross-word puzzles — jigsaws — missing words & you are so economical with your paper composed with handiwork & ink. What the devil am I to write about anyway? I've nothing to tell, or confess, or confide, or gossip. I've read nothing for weeks & I havent your magnificent certainty that one need not be even superficially reasonable. How you have the nerve to expect me to believe that you dont like living in "the Nunnery"A jocular reference to Hester Travers Smith's boarding house.note — I see you being drawn into corners all day, by all, & confidences being murmured into your ready ear? — I always said you were a missed-priest — & living in a magnificent vortex of vicarious enjoyments! All this is a little drunk but its late & Im clearing off letters — yes thats rather rude — but you deserve it — I go to Ballylee Thursday morning for three glorious days of solitude & cabbage planting & on my return will write you a sober & sane & reasonable letter, though what the devil I shall put in it I dont see

Undying hate to Hester, greetings to yourself

Yours affly

George Yeats

Thomas McGreevy Esq
15 Cheyne Gardens
London SW.