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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 24 September 1926.

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My DEAR Lunatic ------

Lennox hasnt been near London for half a century.... he went down to stay "with old friends" somewhere in Cork for Sept 87th and returned on the 8th and reported that he had had a "fair to middling time"-------- REALLY TOM!!!!! Writing in a hurry as the post will go in a second.

Of course you will meet DulacOne of W.B. Yeats's closest friends in London and a frequent collaborator.note - All that has already been discussed.

By the way is DollyDorothy Travers-Smith, who was to marry Lennox Robinson in 1931, was planning a show of her paintings in Dublin. Accustomed to staying with Robinson, she was accompanied by her mother, the medium Hester Dowden.note very fed up that L.R. wont have her at Sorrento dola sola? He asked me what I thought and if I thought Dublin would talk, and of course it would. This is priovate -

Will write later over exciting news of ballet


T McGreevy Esq
at 15 Cheyne Gardens