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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 28 December 1926.

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82 Merrion Square
December 28 1926

My dear Tom

Please please PLEASE, dont mention my name to my mother when you are writing to her more than is consistent with the usual necessities. I got from her on Xmas day a long letter most of which was devoted to something or other that I am supposed to have said and which I gather came to her via you ( during the last two months) I imagine it was some joke you made about your correspondence ( hers and yours) and which she has not sufficiently carefully read to get the correct context. I just answered that I didnt know what she meant as it was the first I had heard of it. It doesnt matter but it is irritating. Did you say I was shocked at the tone of her letters or something of that kind?

Dont tell her I didnt whatever it was or we shall arrive at a point that quite illogically makes me think of Mme du Deffand's story of the old lady's dog who bit a large piece out of a guest's leg, whereupon the old lady cried out "WILL it make him sick"? My mother loves to make a whirlpool and especially if she can suck me in to it, and she has probably worked herself up into an annoyance with me in order to amuse herself over the Xmas holidays. That was why I said gaily to you in London "you are not to discuss me with my mother"

All wishes for 1927