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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 15 January 1927.

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Jan 15. 1927

My dear Tom —

Thank you so much for the Brahms Trio. It is a great joy.

That wretched Willy is in bed with a rheumatic or arthritic knee & blood pressure again. He is disgusted as he cant go to Emperor JonesOn 16 and 17 of January the The Dublin Drama League produces O'Neill's Emperor Jones, produced by Lennox Robinson and designed by Dolly Travers-Smithnote. Poor Dolly is having a rather thin time in consequence — We all went to Gogarty's last night & W. got so bad he couldn't straighten this morning at all. So I sent for AbrahamsonDr L. Abrahamson had a surgery at 62 Merrion Squarenote who said he must stay in bed & be careful -

And Plough &; Stars coming on next week.

Love from all —

T McGreevy Esq
at 15 Cheyne Gardens