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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 11 February 1927.

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Telephone: 61831
February 11 1927

My dear Tom

I suppose you are off to Paris in a day or two now, so here's luck.

Willy is going to write to Alec Martin on the N.G. question. I dont quite know what they are doing, but I did hear that Bodkin is raging mad for it. W. thinks A.Martin very important in the matter and wants to hear from him before tapping around here. I suppose if necessary you could get out of the Paris job in six months? Let me know your address there.

Lady G has been here for a fortnight and stays till late next week . . .

I like very much the librettor. What chance is there of it coming on in Paris.

Please tell Dolly the committee passed the exact sum I want to spend on Caesar . . . yes I got at one or two of them beforehand. . . .and I will write later today, but at the moment I am too rushed as Lady G. was ill all night and I am divided between running errands and sleep-fighting. I write hurriedly to you as I fear you are off to Paris early next week! There's nothing much the matter with the old lady...