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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 27 February 1927.

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82 Merrion Square
February 27 1927

My dear Tom

The present situation as regards the N.G. seems to be this... that if the Board decides they want a whole time man Bodkin will not be elected and your name will go up. But this is terribly private. There seems to be an inclination to have a whole time man, and most of the Board seem to dislike B. personally but on the other hand they seem — some of them — to think he might be a good man. Several have seen W. but W. unfortunately has been suffering from nerves, probably his high blood pressure, and I gather he has been rather cross.......... He would I need hardly say prefer you but I cant sound him as to what he is really doing as he gets very irritable when asked anything. Lady G. was here for one whole month.....only left yesterday, and I have been sitting in the smallest possible nutshell in order to preserve a moderate outward sanity.

I believe it is true that the Gov. have offered B. an assistant (for his other job)

Nothing will be done at present as O'C. doesnt go till June. I suppose the next Board Meeting will produce something tangible in the way of news about things.

W. is writing to A.M.