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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 19 January 1928.

[p.1 recto]

Hotel St Georges
Route de Frejus
January 19 1928

Dear Tom

Next time you have a leisure moment do write to Willy, and dont say I asked you to! He really needs rousing badly, and has got it rooted in his head that he mustnt do anything, think anything, read anything! The doctor here gave him rather a shock last Monday by telling him that he need never expect to regain his original health and vigour. So assinine to say it to W. I have been working him on to an idea of a series of philosophical questions to be asked of various butties - Haldane - Lewis -Bertie Russell and so on, and until he remembers he mustnt think he prances about in bed full of joy, then suddenly flops down "I must stop. My blood pressure will go up".......But if something isnt done he'll sink into awful depths of depression and despair. When we get to Rapallo Ezra will stir him up a bit, but he isnt quite well enough to go yet; would have been, but for that ass doctor, I am sure.

Either philosophy or ballet schemes please! I hope to get him to Rapallo, in fact well or ill I am going to get him there on or near Feb 17. Except for this continual fatigue he is ever so much better, I had really thought he would be well in no time

I hear from L. that you stay on in Paris for the present [p.1 verso]Coming, or rather going, home I plan to stay there a couple of days, so please tell me of a cheap hotel (steam heating at night absolutely essential and meals on the premises, in case W. is still inclined to cough etc) The pet we were in in the rue Jacob only gave breakfast, but was otherwise small and perfect!

However all one's future is so vague that it maynt come off —