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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. [c. 11 February 1928].

[p.1 recto]


Dearest Tom!

How you hear all these wonders! Yes - Tinche & I smelt scents at Grasse for about ½ an hour & finally decided that Jasmine was the perfect perfume for a perfect lady! Then — as Hon.Sec.D.D.L. I produced 110 little francs. Tinche pocketed the parcel. I am so sorry to dash your little romance — but it was from the "Drama League" because the lady had acted for us & wouldn't take a fee!!! She is – or was – engaged to Wenty Taylor who is assistant-master at the Rotunda Hospital. She is tallish, rather stiffish — a very perfect lady! Oh yes! & quite incredibly dull ---

Someone has been pulling your leg I suspect! Who? Dolly? Leah Clarke?[p.1 verso] I wrote you a very curt note with Willy's letter as I thought you hadnt been nice not to write to him — and when you did write I thought the inspiration had been the Tinche play business. Sorry.

Willy is middling. Not very well. Nurse & Anne go home on Monday & W. Michael & I go on to Rapallo (c/o E.Pound Via Marsala 12. Int.5) & then on Feb. 23 I take Michael up to his place in Switzerland. I dont think you know that he wasn't doing very well & after consultations etc. it was decided he should go to a home-school in Villars-S/Bex which is 4000 odd feet up; I shall stay there till he seems settled in & then return to Rapallo until W. goes home end March (I hope) & look at Michael on the way over again. My address Feb.22 - March 2 will be Pension Henriette. Villars S/Bex. Switzerland Otherwise c/o Ezra –