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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 13 June 1928.

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82 Merrion Square,
Tel. 61831
June 13 1928

My dear Tom

I cant stay in Paris on the way out after all, for I have just heard that I cant get a sleeper for Michael on the return journey, and as he cant sit up all night he must travel by day. So I shall go straight through, and he and I will stay the night in Paris of June 21st. I will let you know later where, but probably at the Railway Hotel of Gare du Nord.

No, I dont agree with you! I dont consider Granville Barker a good ?? writer and do think him a good translator.Barker and his wife Helen translated Gregorio Martínez Sierra'sThe Kingdom of God, a Play in Three Acts, published in 1927.note And you cant talk of translation where Willy is concerned because he did not translate Yeats is referring to WB Yeats's translation of SophoclesKing Oedipus ]note he made a version.

If it is a question of Valery publishing your version or the American one the answer is obvious. He should be told to do yours at once! I will send you the script back by registered post on Saturday morn: as I cant bring it to Paris on Monday.

In haste