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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 16 April 1929.

[p.1 recto]

Via Americhe 12-8
April 16 1929

My dear Tom

We'll be in Paris Sunday 28th...for one night! Wes stay because otherwise Willy has the very long day journey — one arrives in London at 10.50 pm, and cant do it without a week's fatigue. So we get to Paris 2.34 PM, go to Terminus Hotel. Will you be in Paris, and could you dine 7.30??? Please forward enclosed letter as I dont know the Duncan's address. I am asking them to tea, 4.30 for I know Willy wont want them for dinner and evening. He can come down to tea and then go and lie down when he feels tired..... Of course if you'd come to tea and stay on 'twould be nice.

The Terminus as far as I can remember is a nasty hotel, but its conveniently near the station for the 10 am train, and less tiring for W than having a long taxi drive before the train business begins...

It will be nice to see you again and hear all the news. Its rather sickening about the British Institute; I'm always hopeless about writing letters and here, where there is nothing to write about or say — Ezra has been away for some weeks, AntheilGeorge Antheil and his wife Boski were in Rapallo where he was writing the music for WBY's new ballet Fighting the Waves.note has been in bed for three, everyone there is which isnt saying much, has been ill except William. Dont think there's much the matter with Antheil except overwork last winter in Berlin. The Viennese specialist they went to says there is nothing whatever the matter with his lungs! [p.1 verso] That his lungs are very good indeed. They think now that the doctor in Paris was all wrong, that he never really had pneumonia at all, and certainly from Boske's account it sounds impossible.

George is adorable, quite crazy, and probably a genius, so one forgives him being exceedingly tiresome and hysterical!