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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 28 July [1929].

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Phone 61831.
July 28

My dear Tom

About the translations. Kathleen is booked, and I am rather afraid Deirdre is booked provisionally — that is to say subject to the translation being vetted. Watt is away at present and he has all the correspondence about it all, so I cant find out any thing definite until he returns. Will write later. Did you contemplate prose or verse?

I'm sorry about Betty Betty Duncan had left her first husband Douglas Goldring for Brian Lunn, and had recently run off with Popovitch.note, — partly because I dont feel any enthusiasm over that sort of thing, and partly because it removes all possibilities of emergency incomes for Jim, Alan and yourself! And it wont last I imagine any more than the previous efforts. One hopes she wont have a third family! Who is going to pay for the Goldrings? Or do they just go on the rates?

Am just off to Montreux to fetch the children. Willy is at Coole until I return. I didnt send on the Cocteau because he needs help for words in reading french and am not sure how much Lady G. knows — and she is busy reading him a Trollope in any case and would probably dislike being shifted off it on to a french novel that could not imaginably interest her! Personally I'm not wildly excited about it. Have you read it, and what do you think of it?

George Yeats