Alan Duncan
1895 - 1943
journalist, military
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b Dublin; son of Ellen and James Duncan. Served in Gallipoli as a Captain with the Royal Welch Fusiliers. After contracting dysentery in 1916 he was transferred to a military camp at Aldershot in charge of conscientious objectors at their courts martial. After the war Duncan returned to Dublin, working variously as an arts journalist, in administration at the Abbey Theatre, WB Yeats's secretary, and as a tour guide for Lunn's Travel Agency. M probably met Duncan in 1919 or 1920 and the two formed a warm friendship. In April 1924 Duncan married Belinda Atkinson, and early in 1925 the couple moved to Paris, becoming part of the Irish expatriate circle which included Joyce, and eventually M and Beckett.
Anthony Trollope
1815 - 1882
Betty Duncan
1893 - 1977
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b Dublin; daughter of Ellen and James Duncan. InNovember 1917 she married Douglas Goldring. Shortly afterwards they moved to London, where Goldring secured work with Lunn's Travel Agency. In 1924 she married Brian Lunn, and the couple moved to Paris. In 1929 the couple met Sava Popovitch, a Serbian painter, whom Betty fell in love with. After her divorce from Brian Lunn, she married Popovitch, and in 1930 the couple left for Belgrade. Popovitch died in Belgrade during the war. Betty remained there with her children until her death.
Brian Lunn
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(fl 1922-25) married Betty Goldring nee Duncan in
1924. M worked sporadically as a tour guide for the
Lunns from 1925 through 1930.
Douglas Goldring
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Married Betty Duncan.
George Yeats
1893 - 1968
artist, writer
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Born Bertha Georgie Hyde-Lees in Wrexham. Married WB Yeats in October 1917. In 1919 their first child Anne was born, and in 1921, their son Michael. By the early 1920s George Yeats was active in Cuala Industries and The Dublin Drama League. MacGreevy probably met George Yeats in 1919, and they remained friends until MacGreevy's death in 1967.
James Duncan
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Abbey Theatre
Jean Cocteau
1889 - 1963
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Lady Augusta Gregory
1859 - 1932
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b Co Galway; playwright, collector of folk
material, translator, co-founder of the Abbey
Theatre. In 1880 she married the Rt Hon Sir William
Gregory in Dublin. In 1892 William Gregory died, and
two years later she met WB Yeats. In 1897 Yeats
spent the first of twenty summers at Coole Park,
Lady Gregory's home. In 1899 she and Yeats founded
the Irish Literary Theatre, which later became the
Abbey Theatre, in which she continued to be involved
until her death. In 1921 the reconstituted Irish
Advisory Committee of the Carnegie United Kingdom
Trust was established, with Lady Gregory as one of
its members. Through the Trust, she began a short
(probably through 1925), but amicable working
relationship with MacGreevy.
Sava Popovitch
Thomas MacGreevy
1893 - 1967
critic, museum director, writer
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Poet, literary and art critic, and administrator. Born in Tarbert, Co. Kerry, into a family of farmers and schoolteachers; educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he studied politics and history.He is best known for his strikingly original modernist poetry and for being one of the art critics who championed Irish modernist art and artists between the wars.

He was a prolific writer, publishing more than 350 articles, seven monographs, and a collection of poetry, Poems (1934). He was director of the National Gallery of Ireland, 1950-1963.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Ireland
William Michael Yeats
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Son of WB Yeats and George Yeats