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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. December 1934.

[p.1 recto]

Telephone Terenure 758

My dear Tom

No you weren't wrong in your memory of the "laughter-loving side" of my character, where I was at fault was in not dotting the "i" of the first part of my letter which was an almost exact transcription of a letter I had received that morning from a female to whose house I had refused to go to "listen-in" to the royal wedding The royal wedding may have been that of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece in November 1934note — — And in leaving you to understand that "postcard — when there are so many interesting things to be written about" referred to letters to George Yeats. I had thought that your postcard was a fore-runner [p.1 verso]of a possibly renewed correspondence The Yeatses moved into Riversdale, Willbrook, Rathfarnham in July 1932note. I dont change much, & in one respect I dont change at all. I dont change towards my friends.

Yours affly


T McGreevy Esq
at 15 Cheyne Gardens