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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy.
on embossed Riversdale stationerynote 13 December 1936.


December 13 1936

Dear Tom

The cheque was sent to 15 Cheyne Gardens; also the book. The latter may not have arrived yet as I asked the Press to send the corrected new edition (they had made some mistakes in their list of first lines and list of authors). You might let me know when the cheque arrives as if it should chance to go astray WB must stop it at the bank.

The family is well — WB very much better than he was last summer and much less absorbed in his physical condition which is very good.

Stonier had an absurd mistake in his review of the book; he said there were thirty Irish poets in the anthology whereas there are actually thirteen — out of a total of 96. WBY's Oxford Book of Modern Verse created considerable fuss; G.W. Stonier, "Mr. Yeats Fumbles", New Statesman 5 Dec 1936 spoke of the book's 'incoherent tactlessness".note Jack writes: "I see that a catch harvest can be made quickly by reviewers, who have never written a verse, now, immediately; just by raising their pure disinterested voices up into the clear air on behalf of the poets who are out of your anthology".

Yours affly

George Yeats