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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. [8 August 1948].

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46 Palmerston Road

Dear Tom

Your number was engaged, so I send this note by messenger.

The Mayor of Sligo rang me up this morning. I told him privately that we still hoped that a smaller vessel might be got. The Mayor informed me that Sean O'Faolain had telephoned to him yesterday to say that he had been informed by the Dept. of External Affairs that the Corvette would arrive in Galway at 6 am on Friday 17th and that the remains would be then conveyed to Sligo. He also said that at a special council meeting yesterday a vote of censure on the Government had been passed for not giving any information to the Town Clerk about the change of arrangements.

I rang up Val Iremonger to inquire how it happened that S O'F. was given this information before any public statement had been made. He replied that S O'F. had been with the Minister. I asked Val if it would be possible to arrange that no further information should be given out until final arrangements were settled and said that I hoped no information would be published without the co-operation with you that Sean MacBride offered suggested on his second interview with me.

I am afraid this will all upset Jack terribly. When I saw Jack last Saturday he urged me not to say anything to the Mayor about the arrangements we were hoping to make. I wish now that I had not agreed.

I had a letter from Jack this morning saying that he did not want us to have the fatigue etc of train journey and that he would arrange car to call here whether he himself went to Galway or not. Please dont say anything to him about my wish to go by train (our conversation yesterday at the Gresham).

I shall be here all day. Blessings on you for all your goodness.

24 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin
Thomas MacGreevy Esq.
Offices of "The Father Matthew Record"
Church Street