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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. [15 September 1952].

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46 Palmerston Road

My dear Tom

Thank you so much for sending me another copy of the Capuchin AnnualMacGreevy's article in The Capuchin Annual for 1952, "Uileachan Dubh O," is ostensibly describing a bus tour (with illustrations) of Connemara and the Burren; pp. 221-229 give his memories of WBYnote. You have made a beautiful description of the Galway to Sligo journey, & set it into the right place in writing on a Bus Tour. You will remember you told me that you were not sure how you could do it (after the Sept 1948 journey) and now you have put that journey into its right setting & thank you so much. Your description is the only which will live. I am only repeating a letter I wrote you from Malahide in the same words or some like them. But as you say you did not get my letter, I write the same thing again.

Yours affly,

George Yeats

The Director
National Gallery of Ireland