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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy.


82 Palmerston Road
Telephone 92512

My dearTom

I am afraid you will not be able to forgive me – I have been depressed with my tiresome back, & feeling I could not get to Sicily but I am having treatment & begin to hope I may get more active again. That — back — is private for I do not want to seem more decrepit than I really [p.2]am. One does get old. So annoying! I am gradually sorting out all the MSS which is going to the Nat. Library (All the Abbey stuff & letters from Irishmen etc) so that I can send it off soon. Much less trouble for A. & M. Am keeping "poems" — It all sounds like an "obit" . But is not really. As regards [p.3]the J.B.Y "Self Portrait" – I think Michael rather wants to have it. Although Grainne probably does not. The only portrait in the house she would have liked to have was the one I gave to the Macha! The forthright O'Hegarty voice said so after I had given it — That would not have prevented [p.4]me as I need hardly tell you —

It does seem very hard for you to get five days in Rome instead of Lallapaloozing there for weeks – That is what one needs there. To be blindfolded for three days for every day one looks – I hope you will eventually be permitted by the Lord to have several weeks. You probably [p.5]will says the believing Heretic.

With real contrite Heart (which WBY said no woman ever had —)

Yours affly

George Yeats