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Letter from George Yeats to Thomas MacGreevy. 17 August 1959.

[p.1 recto]

46 Palmerston Road
August 17. 1959

Dear Tom

I found your letter here when I arrived home on Friday after my visit to you.

Herewith "Mythologies." The title was chosen by WBY in 1938 — I do not like title, but even less do I like a change he made from " Discoveries" to "Explorations" which occurs in forthcoming " Essays."

[p.1 verso]

I have read ' Poussin' twice but that is not enough for me. There is so much material which opens a new world- ??. May I keep the typescript until perhaps next Friday or Monday? And then may I met you please? I wish the Cuala Press was still alive. As you know, we gave up publishing books in 1947

When we meet, I hope I shall not anger you with some insistence that you should, often, write "I" instead[p.2 recto] of "one." That you should be more positive in some passages. That you should never say "of course." That you should quite often eliminate an "and".

Please forgive these suggestions which are the sort of thing that arose between WBY and GY in [p.2 verso]the course of work.

Yours with love