The Thomas MacGreevy Archive is a long-term, interdisciplinary research project that explores the life, writings, and relationships of the Irish poet and critic, Thomas MacGreevy (1893-1967). The project is committed to investigating the intersections between traditional humanities research and digital technologies. Begun with generous grants from The Newman Scholarship Fund at University College Dublin and Enterprise Ireland, it partnered with The Intents Project at University College Dublin to develop intelligent search and navigation tools for hyper documents. It is published by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, at University of Virginia, and supported by the University of Maryland Libraries.

The original goal of publishing an on-line bibliography of writings by and about Thomas MacGreevy is nearly complete, with over 400 texts that can be browsed or searched in a variety of ways.

With this release, the Archive now features several new collections available through the browse mode, including Thomas MacGreevy Composing a Poem, an edition of several of MacGreevy's poems that allows readers to trace their composition history; Thomas MacGreevy and Jack B Yeats: An Online Broadsheet, which explores MacGreevy's and Yeats's professional and personal relationship, and Who's Who in the MacGreevy Archive, a database which provides authority files for the names of people and organisations found in the texts. Many of the entries contain biographical notes.

The Thomas MacGreevy Archive is fully XML-compliant, with texts encoded according to the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines. The Archive uses Lucene to deliver a majority of texts. The collection Thomas MacGreevy Composing a Poem utilises the Versioning Machine, open-source software developed by Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.